Monday, March 07, 2011

The First Time

There is nothing like the first time. The first time you ride a bike. Your first time on a plane. Your first kiss. There's always the build up of anticipation, followed by the torrent of questions. What is it going to be like? Will I like it? Will I want to experience it again? How am I going to be affected? Funny enough this is what was going through my head today right before I saw "The Point" and "The Moment Between."

As the dancers were putting on their costumes and preparing for the run, I noticed their settled and even breathing and their focus. The studio's atmosphere was charged, and perhaps this was lingering energy from the class that was taught by jhon r. stronks this morning. There were few onlookers besides myself, but even so they seemed to possess the excitement of a full audience.

I could describe in detail both of the pieces that I saw today, but I'm hoping that you will come and see them performed at Barnevelder in Houston, TX on Friday and Saturday, March 11 & 12. I wouldn't want your first time to be marred by mine. Instead, here are a few pictures and words of meaning for each piece.

The Point by Sue Scheorder

tension, community, lines,

build up of energy, embrace,

discord, humanity, together, apart

The Moment Between by jhon r. stronks and Sue Schroeder

fire and ice, love,

forbidden desire,

elation, striking, a hideaway

Experience your first time of the "The Point" and "The Moment Between," and afterwards we'll talk about it.

'Til then,


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