Friday, February 26, 2010

Video and dance

Dance and art in general are always discovering new ways make thoughtful work. This sometimes calls for artists to work interdisciplinary in other fields of medium. Some of the great collaborations I recall is the Merce Cunningham and John Cage.

Collaboration can lead artists so many different direction. You can start with an idea and end up somewhere completely different. Collaborations can also deepen art and make it more accessible to a wider audience. Let's say you make a dance about nature. If you were to work with a videographer you could add the element of pictures and video taken of real life nature. You could actually bring the outside in and help evoke that atmosphere of walking though an exotic landscape.

That is exactly what we are doing today. AND MORE! We are working with New York based Maya Ciarrocchi who is a video and designer and installation artist. The whole studio is dark. We have blacked out all the windows to make it feel like a real theater. The scrim is up and being projected on as we speak.
What makes for such interesting images being projected is having the person taking the video and pictures here. We had the luxury of having Maya Fly down with the company to experience Chiapas. She then was able to turn it around and give a new prospective on Chiapas, Mexico and the Mayan Culture.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We Ready...We ready....We ready....for y'all!

This week has been all about preparation. Here at the studios of Several Dancers Core, the dancers and the directors have been feverishly working. Tomorrow is our Lunchtime/Salon Series in which we will be tackling questions of art and art making. (Oh and there is free food!)

Next week we will be out of town in North Carolina doing shows at high schools around fayetteville! If you know anyone around the area give them our number! The more people to support Core; the better!

Other than that, we are also preparing for our MAD festival concert, which is February 27 and 28....There are lots of opportunities around ATL to get your art on! Come and see us!


Wednesday, February 03, 2010


February 3

Today we had a special guest John Hardesty accompany our class.
It is always a nice balance to have dance accompanied with live music.

We are moving forward with The Point and are finding interesting connections with one another in individual segments and group interactions.

We leave this afternoon to head up past Blue Ridge for a retreat focused on strategic planning for the upcoming season: SDC's 30th Anniversary... wow.

We will be nestled in the mountains discussing and planning with Core Performance Company members, SDC Staff and some Houston and Atlanta Board Members.
Hopefully we will strategically plan for an exciting future.

Have an inspiring rest of the week and a beautiful weekend.

Monday, February 01, 2010


Yay for Mondays

We are constructing and deconstructing phrase material today.
Claire and Blake are reviewing their duet as Corian and Alex are creating their duet.

Earlier we improvised using "go and withdraw" we are still searching for a "name" for this particular assignment. Basically, we start at a distance, meet at a particular point in space finding a moment, leave the moment to begin the process again. We repeat until we find the moment in its true essence.

Today process is what I think the POINT is... because where/what would dance be if it did not live in process.