Monday, March 21, 2011

Preparing For Houston!

Today we opened the windows and let the spring into the studio as we work! The morning contained a contact improv inspired class hosted by Alex and Corian. Next we moved into the Forsyth technologies for continued work on 'The moment between..'
Our main focus today is work on the Bayou City Arts Festival in Memorial park in Houston. We are creating site specific and event specific adventures for moving through the park on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. We often use this festival as an opportunity to take whatever processes we are currently working on and turn them on their heads. Each dancer is the 'Ogre' or lead choreographer on a section drawing from recent choreography in 'The Point', and the Forsyth improvisation technologies we sweated over with JHon Stronks in 'The moment between' except we are exploring color instead of white.

"The Unstable Nature of Color" is the title for the work at Bayou City. We are already inspired by the work of Carlos Cruz Diez that is now showing at the Museum of Fine Arts Houston. This is also a live laboratory lead in (say that 5 times fast) for our upcoming performance in May at the Museum in and around the work of Carlos Cruz Diez.

Thursday, March 17, 2011 the studio

Howdy all...thing have been whirlwind crazy...

Trips & performances to my hometown of Houston...then back to ATL; only to gear up to go back to Houston for the Bayou City Art Festival (BCAF) next week! Yesterday was our first day back in the studio after our Houston was mostly occupied with meetings because we were so busy with performing.

Now we are back & today is our Lunchtime in the Studio highlighting: The Field & Fieldwork. Instead of CORE dancers performing, we are showcasing another part of our programming & other local artists (and Fieldwork participants): musician Daniel Aguilera and dancer/choreographer/poet Louise Runyon. Our sponsors for today's lunchtime are Sammiches 'n stuff, Johnny's pizza , and Starbucks. It is free and open to the public.

It will be a nice change to finally be able to sit back, relax and finally be able to enjoy the lunchtime since we usually have to perform. I also like being able to eat the free food & drink free coffee!

Friday, March 11, 2011

All the Stage's a World

Being in the theatre is like walking into the middle of outer space....time exists, but not really. The performers are surrounded by darkness; we feel our way through the vast emptiness, slowly discover lights, and our place within the madness. It is tedious, it can be tiring...then there is the exhausted laughter and various distractions. The powers that be are calling cues, asking the dancers to go back & do that "again."

The notes during this time become more detailed...the work is never done. The pieces continue to evolve: notes on performance quality, focus, & intention are mingle with specific directions on spacing, or remembering to stay "in the light." Offstage the dancers worry about being seen from the wings...remember your sight lines. Fatigue is fought on all sides...from after lunch drowsiness, to recuperative catnaps in hidden spaces in the theatre, stretching & of course idle chatter helps keep us on our toes (no pun intended).

The premiere, or the performance, of any work is like watching a bird attempt flight for the first time. Then, as the lights go out and the dancers take their places; we are all faced with that challenging leap of faith and we ask the audience to take that journey down the rabbit-hole with us. Hopefully we all leave unscathed, more aware, and maybe even moved.


Tuesday, March 08, 2011


I want to play a little game called "Who's socks are these?" Socks are an important part of the life of a CORE Performance Company member. One will rarely see a company dancer without his or her socks. Can you identify who is wearing these socks? Let us know in the comment section.

Also, be sure and check out our Facebook page for new photos of "The Point" and "The Moment Between."

'Til next time.

Monday, March 07, 2011

The First Time

There is nothing like the first time. The first time you ride a bike. Your first time on a plane. Your first kiss. There's always the build up of anticipation, followed by the torrent of questions. What is it going to be like? Will I like it? Will I want to experience it again? How am I going to be affected? Funny enough this is what was going through my head today right before I saw "The Point" and "The Moment Between."

As the dancers were putting on their costumes and preparing for the run, I noticed their settled and even breathing and their focus. The studio's atmosphere was charged, and perhaps this was lingering energy from the class that was taught by jhon r. stronks this morning. There were few onlookers besides myself, but even so they seemed to possess the excitement of a full audience.

I could describe in detail both of the pieces that I saw today, but I'm hoping that you will come and see them performed at Barnevelder in Houston, TX on Friday and Saturday, March 11 & 12. I wouldn't want your first time to be marred by mine. Instead, here are a few pictures and words of meaning for each piece.

The Point by Sue Scheorder

tension, community, lines,

build up of energy, embrace,

discord, humanity, together, apart

The Moment Between by jhon r. stronks and Sue Schroeder

fire and ice, love,

forbidden desire,

elation, striking, a hideaway

Experience your first time of the "The Point" and "The Moment Between," and afterwards we'll talk about it.

'Til then,