Sunday, May 19, 2013

Our Spring Season Spider Webs

Having performed at the Tanz Farm two weekends ago with Amanda K. Miller-Fasshauer's The Liberated Accident, I can say that we have discovered and uncovered more beauty within ourselves. It is sure to be an ongoing process just as it is for anything that grows. We have also grown closer as a company through all of the amazing experiences we've had working in "Amanda-world."

Amanda & Erik Spider-webbing...

Here is a link to Andrew Alexander's ArtsATL review of our performance at Tanz Farm!

Last week we got ourselves ready for a little break by rehearsing some pieces from our SHIFT show to keep it fresh before we head to the Florida Dance Festival in June. Anna reworks a lift with Erik.

Then we cleaned up the studio a little and made sure our shelves were tidy.
In the spirit of "Spring cleaning," Derrick says,

"You better check your shelf..."

"Before you wreck your shelf."