Thursday, March 17, 2011 the studio

Howdy all...thing have been whirlwind crazy...

Trips & performances to my hometown of Houston...then back to ATL; only to gear up to go back to Houston for the Bayou City Art Festival (BCAF) next week! Yesterday was our first day back in the studio after our Houston was mostly occupied with meetings because we were so busy with performing.

Now we are back & today is our Lunchtime in the Studio highlighting: The Field & Fieldwork. Instead of CORE dancers performing, we are showcasing another part of our programming & other local artists (and Fieldwork participants): musician Daniel Aguilera and dancer/choreographer/poet Louise Runyon. Our sponsors for today's lunchtime are Sammiches 'n stuff, Johnny's pizza , and Starbucks. It is free and open to the public.

It will be a nice change to finally be able to sit back, relax and finally be able to enjoy the lunchtime since we usually have to perform. I also like being able to eat the free food & drink free coffee!

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