Monday, October 29, 2012

Movin' Right Along

As we've been preparing Shift to be performed in Houston, TX at the Barnevelder Movement/Arts Complex, Amanda Miller's work from last week continues to be present in our connectedness as an ensemble of unique individuals. We are geared and ready for our performance in CORE's hometown, and I leave you with some thoughts that have been inspiring parts of our Shift work...
Above picture - Bayou City Art Fest 2012

Friday, October 26, 2012

Work with Amanda K. Miller and Returning to Houston

"Peeling away layers" was a phrase used quite frequently as we deepened into the work of Amanda K. Miller. We peeled away patterns of movement, bad habits, and obstacles within ourselves. At times the work was exhausting, both mentally and physically, but the more layers that were peeled away, the closer we became to Amanda and to one another, strengthening the ensemble and freeing our bodies.
The photo above was taken from a book of photography by Karl Blossfeldt. This book and others were used as inspiration for our improvisations. Amanda will return to create a new work with us in May. I think I speak for every dancer in the company when I say it was a pleasure and an honor to work with Amanda. We all look forward to seeing and working with her again.
Thursday we continued to prepare for our Houston premiere of SHIFT. As we rehearsed, the residue of Amanda's work with us still clung to the space, informing and refreshing our return to SHIFT. If you haven't already, check out the Facebook event page and share it with your friends. We are all excited to be performing at Barnevelder Movement/Arts Complex on November second and third. Be sure to come out and see all of the exciting new work we've been rehearsing in the studio.

Friday, October 12, 2012

At the BCAF

CORE Performance Company getting ready for the shows this weekend of "If you rock, we'll roll" at the Bayou City Art Festival.

Catch them tomorrow and Sunday at 2 pm.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Arkansas and Bayou City Art Festival-by Aleatha

CORE has just returned from a successful trip out in Arkansas. While there, they performed inside the "Mirazozo" luminarium at Conway's ArtsFest and visited elementary schools with "The Heart of Matter," an interactive piece designed to engage young children. Claire Molla; a veteran CORE Performance Company member, shared of her Arkansas experience “It was neat performing in the luminarium, it’s a mix of a cathedral, cave, and balloon.” She further described, “the space is really compact and causes you to be really aware of your surroundings – it was exciting and very energizing”. Sounds like the group had quite a trip in Arkansas! 

Without a beat, CORE is back in the Decatur studio on the drawing board prepping for their fall presentation at the Bayou City Art Festival Downtown in Houston, Texas. CORE’s “If you rock, we’ll roll” is a site specific piece that is expected to be so energizing and inspiring that audiences will want to rock 'n roll, too! Just an hour after the group began the process of conceptualizing and developing the choreography for “If you rock, we’ll roll,” I had a chance to sit down with CORE Performance Company members, and CORE Founder and Artistic Director, Sue Schroeder.

New CORE Performance Company member, Joshua Rackliffe said of the developing piece: “so open, it is a good problem to have”. He continues, “The challenge is making decisions, to know it is a good one”. He also mentioned that he prioritizes “utilizing the space, making sure we travel in order to interact with each other and our audience”. Anna Bracewell, who joined CORE over the summer after the dance intensive, shared that her experience so far at CORE has been, “Totally different – bringing out a new side of me as a dancer”. What she has to say about her new CORE family: “We work really well together. All of our creative personalities contribute to this piece. We all respect each other’s different creative processes.” Stefanie Boettle, also a new member of CORE, said of the new developing piece, “I’m curious, about what it will become”. She continues by sharing that the piece will be inspired by “architecture, surfaces, and textures”. Aren’t you curious, too?

Schroeder informs us that the piece will be deriving movement from works by the featured visual artist at the Bayou City Art Festival this fall; Charlie Hardwick. Hardwick, a Houston based poster artist who happens to be legally blind, has been producing rock and roll inspired posters for some of the biggest rock recording artists such as groups U2, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Smashing Pumpkins, Radiohead, and legend, Bob Dylan. 

Schroeder noted that CORE’s newly formed group offers a fresh new look to the company and collaboratively their voices will be heard in this new piece. “If you rock, we’ll roll” will be completely shaped by the space – portions of the piece will take place on city streets, curbs, railings, at the city hall, on steps, and in the water! How exciting!

I asked the company "What is one word that describes 'If you rock, we’ll roll' so far?"

  • Anna Bracewell– “Collaborative” 
  • Stefanie Boettle – “Traveling” 
  • Joshua Rackliffe – “Public” 
  • Sue Schroeder – “Surprise! 

Aleatha Williams is a Communications Intern for CORE Performance Company. With a theatre and dance background, she holds a BA in Creative Arts Therapy and is pursuing her Masters in Arts Administration at SCAD. She is excited to be a part of the performance company’s team and will serve as guest blogger for the remainder of her time at CORE.

Friday, October 05, 2012

Rock & Roll !

Greetings again from the studio in Decatur!
We are nearing the end of our work week and have already accomplished many things in preparation for our performance at the Bayou City Art Festival in Houston, Texas. The group has been negotiating responsibilities as dance makers and performers to generate new material for this outdoor, site-specific presentation. Inspiration for this piece is drawn from Charlie Hardwick, the featured artist for this year's festival.
Hardwick is a visual artist who has designed album art and posters (among many other creations) for rock and roll musicians all over the world. Using the idea "If you rock, we'll roll", Rose and Joshua have workshopped several ideas onto the moving bodies of CORE Performance Company. This process, which we refer to as "ogre-ing" has helped us develop a framework for an interactive, traveling, and versatile mode of performing. We will rehearse in Memorial Park before presenting the work next Saturday and Sunday (October 13 & 14) We hope to see you all there!
In addition to the choreographic exercises we have also been reviewing the pieces from SHIFT for our show in Houston. Very busy on our end, but productive and exciting! Below is a link to the Bayou City Art Festival, where you can find out more information on the event itself and the featured artist, Charlie Hardwick.
Hope to see you in the Studio, on the Square, or in Houston over the next week!