Wednesday, November 12, 2014

CORE at Cucalorus

Thalian Hall
This week, CORE has traveled to Wilmington, North Carolina to participate in the Cucalorus Film Festival. The dancers have created a piece to accompany a film by Company Manager Patton White. Their work will be shown at Dance-alorus, which is the official opener of the Cucalorus Film Festival; during this event, dancers and choreographers will be presenting work that pairs film and dance, shown at the historic Thalian Hall.

Following the show is an after-party at the Bellamy Mansion, where CORE will perform a site-specific work for the guests of the soirée.

Company Member Josh Rackliffe on the steps of Bellamy Mansion

View of Masonboro Sound, as seen from the backyard where the dancers are being housed


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I have not seen their performances! Let us know where we can find their shows or somethign like that! Thank you in advance!

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It's great that the whole program is divided into two parts and each one can find for himself exactly those classes and activities that will be more interesting for him.

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Bellamy Mansion and Masonboro sound are two places I want to visit the most in North Carolina. I saw this performance at Thalian Hall, but missed the after-party at Bellamy mansion, and sadly, with it the chance to see its interior. Better luck next time guess.

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