Friday, July 19, 2013

TechnoToning with Mary Vallo and Kaitlyn Bryant

The exciting new form of fitness training known as TechnoToning is a revolutionary dance workout incorporating techno and house music into several exercise routines that will help you tone and sculpt your body into perfection. Come join us and learn hot new dance moves as you workout in our club-like atmosphere. As you dance to the invigorating pulse of the music, you’ll quickly realize how fun and easy our program is. The TechnoToning dance workout will forever change the way you feel about getting in shape.

Mary and Kaitlyn teach TechnoToning at CORE Studios Wednesday evenings from 7:30 - 8:30. Check out their website for more information at

Get to know a little more about Mary and Kaitlyn and TechnoToning below:

What do you teach at CORE Studios? TechnoToning. It is a sexy new fitness dance routine for women, guaranteed to get Goddesses fit and have fun!

What got you into teaching?  TechnoToning has been the dream of both Mary Vallo and Kaitlyn Bryant for several years. They created it together to lose weight, resulting in both losing 30 lbs each! They have so much fun doing it together, they decided to brand it and share TechnoToning with women everywhere.

How long have you been teaching?
TechnoToning just launched in the beginning of 2013 and had their first official class April 20th 2013 at CORE Performance Studios.

What adjectives would you use to describe your classes? 
Our classes are fun, sexy, and effective!

Tell us a little bit about what your focus is for your classes?
The focus of TechnoToning is for women to get a full body workout while dancing along with their girlfriends! We create a fun and exciting atmosphere with rockin tunes and sexy dance moves! We want women to find their inner dance goddess and let her shine! We want to make sure every Goddess will achieve toned muscles and a tight tummy! Come sculpt the body of your dreams and have a blast doing it!

Do you have any upcoming projects or events you are excited about? Since we are a brand new start up, we have many upcoming plans for the future! Soon we will be planning to add a second weekly class to our line-up, and progressively grow the business bigger and have classes occurring in numerous places around the city. Next year in 2014, we plan to create a TechnoToning DVD that customers can buy and workout from home!

What do you love about CORE Studios?
TechnoToning loves CORE Studios. The minute we walked into the facility, it felt like home. We had toured other locations around Atlanta, and CORE was our top pick! Since beginning our classes in April we have had a wonderful experience teaching there.

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