Monday, March 04, 2013

Food for Thought

In our work for our site specific piece to be performed in Houston, TX for the Dan Flavin Installment, we are given moments for stream-of-conscious writing to inspire and inform our decisions to create walking patterns.

Minimalist in movement maybe, but full of patterns that may cross, meet, and pass one another with strong purpose.

I leave a thought from each of our stream of consciousnesses to start your week:

"Why not let fate be a loyal dog that loves?" ~Josh

"The world is round and that round can roll if there is an impulse to make it roll, perhaps I am that impulse." ~Rose

"Ich rolle mich vor lachen." ~Stefanie

"Green grass is all that covers the Earth." ~Deedee

"It will roll like a cat warming itself by the fire, you are the fire." ~Derrick

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