Friday, March 08, 2013

A Field Trip to the Woods

Today we were surprised with a field trip. We packed up our things and, without knowing where we were heading, took off on a journey. We ended up at a beautiful park not too far from the studio. There we played and created all while enjoying a gorgeous day. We allowed that open space, the trees, the earth, the sky to inform us in our creative choices. We made dances inspired by our surroundings. We could have been out there all day, creating, dancing, and allowing the space to move us. There was so much there to inspire. Our trip helped us to understand and deepen our work within the Minimalist aesthetic. Within a space like that, the smallest movement, the simplest gesture takes on so much meaning. Everything is intensified by the beauty and size of the space itself. It was a great experience that I'm happy to have shared with the company. Our task is to now take that feeling, that importance, that beauty into the performance itself. Here are some photos taken throughout the day as we journeyed through the forest. We can't wait to share our experiences with you in the space that Dan Flavin designed at the Menil Collection.

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