Friday, November 30, 2012


Greetings again from CORE Studios in Decatur! Here we are, wrapping up the penultimate week of the Fall Season. It has been an eventful and productive time, and we are pushing right through until the last minute. Today we had the opportunity to dive deeper into Artistic Director Sue Schroeder's process for her latest work. Using different exercises for inspiration and movement invention, the dancers have been generating material for the upcoming show at Callanwolde. The day concluded with the company reviewing their play, "Heart of the Matter" which will be performed next Thursday for the students of Wesley Academy. With all of the work going on, we cannot believe that next Thursday's salon will serve as the culmination of our Fall Season. Have you RSVP'd? We hope to see you there! Below is a snapshot of process work from Sue's new piece. See you next time!


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It's been an exciting and productive time, and we're working hard until the very end. We had the opportunity today to learn more about Artistic Director Sue Schroeder's methodology for her latest piece. The dancers have been creating material for the next Callanwolde show by using various exercises for inspiration and movement creation. There is a greater sense of concentration in the studio as a result of delving deeply into the concept of impermanence and imperfection. In the course of perfecting our art, we discover the value and beauty of imperfection.
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