Friday, October 26, 2012

Work with Amanda K. Miller and Returning to Houston

"Peeling away layers" was a phrase used quite frequently as we deepened into the work of Amanda K. Miller. We peeled away patterns of movement, bad habits, and obstacles within ourselves. At times the work was exhausting, both mentally and physically, but the more layers that were peeled away, the closer we became to Amanda and to one another, strengthening the ensemble and freeing our bodies.
The photo above was taken from a book of photography by Karl Blossfeldt. This book and others were used as inspiration for our improvisations. Amanda will return to create a new work with us in May. I think I speak for every dancer in the company when I say it was a pleasure and an honor to work with Amanda. We all look forward to seeing and working with her again.
Thursday we continued to prepare for our Houston premiere of SHIFT. As we rehearsed, the residue of Amanda's work with us still clung to the space, informing and refreshing our return to SHIFT. If you haven't already, check out the Facebook event page and share it with your friends. We are all excited to be performing at Barnevelder Movement/Arts Complex on November second and third. Be sure to come out and see all of the exciting new work we've been rehearsing in the studio.

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