Monday, October 29, 2012

Movin' Right Along

As we've been preparing Shift to be performed in Houston, TX at the Barnevelder Movement/Arts Complex, Amanda Miller's work from last week continues to be present in our connectedness as an ensemble of unique individuals. We are geared and ready for our performance in CORE's hometown, and I leave you with some thoughts that have been inspiring parts of our Shift work...
Above picture - Bayou City Art Fest 2012


Alex R. said...

Hi, CORE! I saw SHIFT on Friday night, and I had a few thoughts/memories/images that I wanted to share:

1st Piece - pedaling a very small unicycle; suspend, fall, and rebound; gravity's toying with you; eyes directing focus; everyone's pedaling, whose turn is it to fall? which squares are we in? does it matter?

2nd Piece - getting out of the way of your own intuition; time without product; circle of a hip, and another walks in circles; gesturing diminishing to nothing; interactions produce sums greater than the parts; one can fall in many ways, one can be caught in as many; trust; the stillness becomes the piece; clapping offbeat; it's strange to applaud once it's been mocked.

3rd Piece - improv dance embraced me; I'm just here to guide; living on a diagonal; dress traps suit; diving into a circle of arms; weight shared graciously; their footwork's subtle and they're watching me.

This is all very raw, but I hope it's interesting! Thanks for a great show.

Claire said...

Thanks, Alex, for being with us for the show and sharing your impressions!