Thursday, October 16, 2014

"Je Suis / I Am"
Finally... the piece is finished!!!! Yes, and it's soooo nice to meet you! 

After bringing back all the material we had created with Association Manifest from Toulouse/France last year in October and this year in March during our trip to France has grown into a quite funny piece! All of a sudden it all makes sense. 
This week we took it out to our two different sites where we are going to show "Je Suis / I am" - At the High Museum of Art in Atlanta and also at the Old Fourth Ward Park in Atlanta. Two quite different sites and therefore the piece is sightly different as well. So you definitely want to come out to see both! 
Lost in translation was definitely a little part of this week's work process again - English, French, a bit of Spanish and a word of German here and there thrown in as well. But I feel we resolved it pretty well and met each other with a little more patience and didn't take it all too seriously. The outcome: We had sooo much fun! 

Next week we are getting ready to bring this work to yet another site in our other home, Houston Texas! 
We are excited to share our work with you!!! Hope to see you there! 


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Naked said...

Two very distinct locations, and hence two very different pieces. So you should certainly come out to watch both!

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