Monday, August 12, 2013

Studio Spotlight: Tap Dancing with Dotti Warren

Dotti Warren has been teaching dance for 40 years. She opened her own studio Simply Dancing in Lilburn, and brings her expertise to CORE Studios Monday evenings from 7:15pm - 8:15pm.

1.       What do you teach at CORE Studios?
Tap Dancing and Ballet Barre Stretch, the stretch class is coming in October.

2.       What got you into teaching? 
I began dancing as a child.  I was a performer in Atlanta years ago with Carolyn Fleetwood and Southern ballet.  I later opened my own studio “Simply Dancing.”

3.       How long have you been teaching? 
40 years

4.       What 2 adjectives would you use to describe your classes? 
Entertaining and Energetic, exercise that is fun!

5.       Tell us a little bit about what your focus is for your classes. 
It is my goal to pass my knowledge of dance to new dancers and provide some performance opportunities if wanted.

6.       Do you have any upcoming projects or events you are excited about? 
I am hoping to seek performance opportunities!

7.       What do you love about CORE Studios? 
The availability, size and location


Sara R. Thornhill said...

I would love to go to the dance now. After all, I have not danced for over 10 years. The husband considered it a waste of time. But we divorced about six months ago after submitting the application that we took here And now no one will bother me to go dancing! Dottie looks great for her age and I think it is due to her great love for dancing.

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