Thursday, April 25, 2013

Diagonals, Lines, Shifting Space, and EnCORE

Today was another whirlwind day of creation with Amanda K. Miller at the Goat Farm. It's amazing how much material has been generated within just a few days. The material isn't the most important thing for the dancers and Amanda, however. It is more important to exist within Amanda's world, the way she sees images. It is those images that we have to see in order to perform the work. The work is about lines, diagonals, shifting space, and seeing the images we create when we shift the space. This may sound difficult to understand, but once you arrive in Amanda's world, you begin to see things in a different way. Everything around you becomes a part of the dance. The performances of Amanda's work will be at the Goat Farm May 9, 10, and 11.

And now to step away from the Goat Farm for a moment. I would like to shift back to our studio in Decatur. Tomorrow night will be the kick off for EnCORE, a social gathering for the arts. Imagine an open-mic night in which any artist can participate. You don't have to be a singer or a musician. You can sing, dance, juggle, read poetry, anything you've been wanting to perform in front of someone, you can do it here. Tomorrow night we will have performances by our very own company member, Joshua Rackliffe, Cicada Rhythm, d. w. Tanner, and the Imperial OPA Circus Bodystackers. Sign up begins at 8:45. All performances must be eight minutes or less. Show off your talent. We'll see you there.

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