Friday, February 22, 2013

Friday's Heart of the Matter

Hello internet!

Greetings once again from CORE Performance Company. Today, we had a delightful improvisation class with Company Manager Patton White, in which we began to utilize tools and tricks for improv-based composition. What began as a deeply internal warmup soon evolved into a full-on group spectacle of weight sharing, partnering, and contact improvisation.

After a brief lunch break and regroup, we headed over to Toomer Elementary School in the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta, Georgia to perform Heart of the Matter for grades 3-5. In addition to the enthusiastic audience of young learners, we had some very special guests from the Horizons School, Kaiser Permanente and representatives from the Atlanta Regional Commission. We are honored to share this work with our audiences, as it gives a physical and lighthearted look into the dangers of bullying and emotional eating. Remember- when in doubt, sadness, confusion or whatever it may be, exercise is always a viable option for uplifting your day.

Overall, another successful week here at CORE Studios in Downtown Decatur. We hope to see you all next week at CORE's Salon. Have a fantastic weekend!

Love, light, and movement.

CORE Performance Co.

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