Thursday, January 24, 2013

Learning To Run

Today we were learning how to run. Our homework, per Sue's direction, is to learn how to run. Dancers, you see, may be able to dance where ever, but when it comes to running, you'd think we have two left feet. The trick was to run like a lady in a dress and run swiftly rather than run like a cross country runner. Even though we can't run, we accomplished quite a bit otherwise. We continued to work and polish Becky Vall's work, Web. It's always interesting returning to a work that was choreographed weeks before. You have to recall so many things, like your original intention behind the movement, how the energy flows from one movement to the next, and how to combine your energy with everyone else's. After working on Becky's piece, we returned to Sue's work, which will move us throughout Callanwolde. And that brings us back to running. So come out February first, second, and third to see how well we learned to run.
Anna recalls past intentions from Becky's piece "Web."
Juana defines her secret space.