Monday, August 06, 2012

A Blog About Searching For a Blog: Houston Edition

Once I found some treasures of the Atlanta blog world it was only natural that I expand my horizons and see what else lay out there. Thus, I started my search for dance blogs in Houston, where CORE's other home. As with my previous search, my requirements expanded to art related blogs and others not solely focused on dance. Interestingly enough though, when I searched for dance blogs this time with Houston in the search bar, a plethora of dance blogs came out of the woodwork. Although not many of them seemed to be located in Houston, the profound amount of pure dance blogs that came up in my results amazed me. With blogs either written by professional dancers, beginning dancers, or even supportive family of dancers, the dance blog world grew exponentially with the word Houston in my search.

Blogs I found that were Houston-related offered a diverse and therefore, I feel, a fitting representation of the arts in Houston. The first blog I victoriously came upon was the lovely all about dance blog Dance Advantage (an editor's shout out to Nichelle, who created this gem of a site!) rife with dance information for dancers, instructors, and parents. Also under the dance category, I found the blog Dance Hunter (here, an editor's shout out to Nancy Wozny, our esteemed Houston critic, and former Field facilitator), where interviews with dancers, choreographers and other artists can be read. Diverging from the sole focus on dance, I found the unique Dear Polia, which features a Houston blogger’s interest in architecture, arts, and travel. Another intriguing blog I discovered in the visual arts realm was the Diverse Works blog which has partnered visual art and dance in the past. Each of these blogs, similar to the ones I found in Atlanta, are so rich with information and context. The passion each of the bloggers has jumps out of the screen at you, making it hard to move on to a different page.

It has been an exciting and insightful journey through the arts blog world. From Atlanta to Houston, it is evident that art is a powerful medium that has no bounds.

-Kathryn, Communications Intern

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