Monday, October 03, 2011

Updates to the space

We've gotten some new decals for the doors to Decatur Square. Both the studio and office doors now have these signs to identify them (hopefully making it easier for folks to find where they need to go!)

Over this past weekend they installed new laminate flooring in the office space in the back hallway and  kitchen area.  This will work much better for clean up in the kitchen space, and it means we have our very own little dance floor right here in the office! :)  

We also have a new awning in the back over the door to the studio from our parking space. It should keep the rain off better than the old covering that was removed earlier this year, which actually ended short of the wall and therefore dumped the rain right on you as you went through the threshold! And hasn't Rose done a great job with the planters too? They look nice, don't they?

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