Tuesday, September 13, 2011

A little R&R

Can I just say I LOOOOOOVE to sleep!  I love to dance, but I have loved sleeping probably since I was a baby.  I am quite a sound sleeper too!  Ask my housemates and they will tell you that if a train ran into my house while I slept, I wouldn't know until I woke up a few hours later.

Rest, for a dancer, is a wonderful thing.  I am thankful to have a scheduled rehearsal day-off once a week.  I try to sleep on those days, because with as much dancing as we have done the past few rehearsals has been, and our bodies need some TLC.  We have already started being kind to one another by offering neck & back massages, etc.  Anyone who will be kind (& brave enough) to rub my feet will most graciously receive my love...because my dogs are killin me!

Even if not just for the body, resting is good for the mind & soul.  It gives me time to reflect and allows my mind to process the psychological aspects of getting ready for a performance.  Synapses fire to muscles, moving the body releases endorphins, emotional reactions happen; lots of stuff goes on all at once.  Needless to say last night after rehearsal I came home and immediately took a nap.  

Since I don't work my other job until one o'clock today, you better believe I slept in today!  Let's hope it gives me the re-energizing I need to get to this weekend!

So...good morning & enjoy the day!


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