Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Fieldwork Showcase in Houston

The Fieldwork showcase is a performance showcasing works in progress created by artists of different mediums. Each week throughout the process, each artist show their work in progress until the culmination, which is a showing in a local, profession theater. CORE has been a part The Field and has provided the space and facilitators for Field workshops in Atlanta and Houston. The next Fieldwork showcase is in Houston on May 15th, and Lydia Hance, Field Facilitator in Houston, wrote us these words about her experiences with Fieldwork.

"Fieldwork has changed my life as an artist in several ways. First, it has
given me structure and accountability. To have a group ready and willing to
give feedback on my works-in-progress every week has been a challenge to
continue to create new work. While there is never any guilt if I don’t have
work to show at a weekly session, I recognize it as a lost opportunity to
gain valuable feedback from the artists. It’s a momentum that all artists

It has changed my perspective on creating work. Fieldwork has given me
permission to linger in the process, and to realize that I’m free to create
work even if it doesn’t result in a final product to show publically. It’s
exercise, it’s struggle, it’s sinking into creation. For me, art is between
98 and 99.9% process, versus the final product. Showing work that is
mid-process has always felt risky. But through Fieldwork I’ve challenged
myself to show work in its first stage, when it’s barely begun. While this
is very vulnerable, it opens the work to so many more possibilities and
freshness outside of my own boundaries. Invaluable. In this way, Fieldwork
had allowed me to grow in my perspective of my work and myself. It isn’t
about proving myself, but allowing the work to develop— surrendering to the

Thirdly, Fieldwork has provided a community of diverse artists. Poets,
dollmakers, choreographers, filmmakers, actors, musicians, costume
designers… I relish the valuable perspectives of artists outside of my
genre. It’s really all about opening ideas and breaking my self-constructed
boundaries in the way I approach my work. I’ve come to use their words,
reactions, experiences, and perspectives on my work as fuel to grow and take
the work in new directions.

I recommend Fieldwork to everyone who considers herself an
artist—professional or amateur. We all possess creativity, and it must be

Like Linda Hance, many artists that gone through the Fieldwork process experience growth and change in themselves and their work. Come and share in their experience. Again, the Fieldwork showcase in Houston will be May 15, 2011 at 2pm at the Barnevelder Movement/Arts Complex. Tickets are just $7. We look forward to seeing you there.

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