Monday, April 04, 2011

A Moment with Alex Abarca

A dancer's day can be busy, so it's always a treat to have some time with a CORE Performance Company member for a quick interview. Today I was able to snag Alex Abarca to talk about his thoughts concerning The Moment Between a piece choreographed by former CORE Performance Company Member jhon r. stronks and Sue Schroeder

What was it like working with jhon r. stronks on The Moment Between?

It was a welcomed challenge. The improvisational technologies can get really heady, but once I understood how to translate them physically it became easier. Because it was improvisation, sometimes it was challenging to remain focused. All in all, I feel that jhon was an ideal choreographer to work with because he understood what information (even if it’s too much) the dancers need to accomplish a task.

What is improvisational technologies?

It’s the William Forsyth thought process of using points and lines in space as an entry into moving improvisationally.

(For more about William Forsyth's improvisational technologies, check out this link.)

Last question and this is just for fun, what music are you listening to these days?

Right now, Adele, Lupe Fiasco, and Janice Joplin.

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