Friday, November 20, 2009

Lunchtime and Salon Nov 12

Lunchtime in the studio, is always an exciting event because you never know who will walk through the studio door to be a part of our day . Some regulars, some dance afficianados, some local decatur folks, and some people who just happen to be randomly walking by the door.

Bistro in a Box and Decatur Starbucks, provided free refreshments to the first 40 attendees.

We showed a series of improvisational studies centered around the new work being developed by Artistic Director Sue Schroeder in tandem with the Core Dance artists.

I find it interesting to notice the difference in working privately in the studio and doing real improvised work for a live audience.

In the evening we delved even a little deeper into the process during The Salon.

We began with a walking meditation focused on one clear idea. Upon committing to the idea we dropped the walking meditation and began movement improvisation. Through the improvisation we found where the "idea" lived in our body, where it held the space, how it interpreted time and what energy resignated with it. This new experience invited the "audience" as viewers to see the process which created new awakenings for us as creators.

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