Monday, October 26, 2009

howdy...this is alex, i am one of the company members. i come from houston, tx...this is roughly about my second season with the company. also, this is one of the first of many blogs to come from me...and also from different members within the company. so enough with introductions...on to the blog!

that being said...i'm a fan of "dot, dot, dots" and i also don't like to capitalize things, so i apologize in advance.

lately in the studio we have been working on different processes to help feed us for the work we are doing for our latest dance The Point. we are working on Sol Lewitt's "Wall Drawing #65 / Lines not short, not straight, crossing and touching, drawn at random using four colors, uniformly dispersed with maximum density, covering the entire surface of the wall., 1971" (red, yellow, blue, and black pencil)...i just call it wall drawing # 65.

after class with "our fearless leader" Sue...we revisited our movement phrases with the work that we started friday. we each developed individual movement phrases based on the instructions of Wall Drawing # 65...and the instructions for the drawing is also the title. so after recalling all of our work, we spent time putting them into duets and trios. Corian and Claire worked together...and Blake, MaryJane, and I worked together. that's always see how everyone can collaborate, and maintain the integrity of their own work...while also trying to accomodate their fellow dancers.

after moving our bodies, and talking about it, we then broke for lunch. we were told we were going to have an art project for the afternoon (which made me excited)! when we got back, we went back into the studio and were told that we are actually going to create Sol's Wall Drawing #65 in the studio...on one of our very own walls. so armed with the four, yellow, blue, and black, we went to work drawing lines on the wall. it was a great feeling, knowing that i was allowed to draw on the wall...and that it is part of my job! i remember being a little kid and getting into some SERIOUS trouble for doing that in our hallway...but that's another story for another day.

since i gave you a little run down of what happened at core today...i have also provided some short, live action documentation...blair witch style! this is my first attempt at documenting, and using a please forgive me if you get a little dizzy. in watching them, claire said she felt like she was in my head bc i give live commentary (which some people didn't like...but it's all in good fun). enjoy....alex...OUT!

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