Thursday, November 10, 2005

movement, mobiles and more

Life is full and we are full of life here in Mexico. We just got back from some creative time in the space that we´ve been working in. Chip Morris, the anthropologist, linguist, artist, that we´ve been staying with and collaborating with was able to create large scale mobiles out of all natural materials for us to move with. We´ve also had a large scale backstrap loom made for us by Lucy, the woman from Tenejapa who has been our weaving teacher. It has been such a pleasure to have time to explore, experiment and create in such a rich environment. The colors, sounds, passions and richness of life here leave me in awe.


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Hey there, Chip! It's great to see your work featured in this article. I just finished reading about your incredible journey in Mexico, and I must say, I'm truly amazed by the way you've embraced the local culture and created something so unique and beautiful. Your talent as an anthropologist, linguist, and artist truly shines through in your ability to bring together natural materials and create those mesmerizing large scale mobiles.

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